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My ultimate goal was always to create a fashion platform that’s obtainable to everyone of all ages, shapes sizes and budgets. 


 In May of 2017,  I created Motley Hues; an online boutique for the stylish, eclectic individual who’s known to tilt any room they enter

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My love for fashion began as a young girl, when my mom, grandma, aunt and I would go to the shopping malls, regularly. 


While I was in  high school, id randomly style and rip up jeans for my friends, for money.

 Once I started shopping on my own, id always have random people asking me to assist them with their shopping experience. So, I decided to make it a business.  



 In 2003, I relocated to MN for LOVE  and decided to attend The Art Institute of MN for Fashion Design & Merchandising.  Before I knew it, I began networking around the city and even got the opportunity to style some professional athletes early on, in my career. With minimal experience, I was granted the opportunity to write a fashion blog for an urban online magazine in 2010. 

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